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Traffic and Travel Advisories 

Road Closed Street Work Jersey City is only 14.7 square miles in area, but it contains over a hundred miles in roads. Normally it’s pretty simple to get from one place to another, and while the City encourages people to use our many public transportation options, sometimes you do just have to take the car.

Usually, traffic flows pretty well. There are those occasions, however, whether planned or unplan- ned, which cause street closings and traffic diversions. Lets face it—whether you’re commuting to work, visiting the in-laws, or just trying to get the kids to school on time,  it’s helpful to know which routes to avoid and which ones to take before you set out. Check out the links below for current traffic and travel advisories.

Jersey City Officials Outline Plans for Closure of Pulaski Skyway; Turn Restrictions, Parking Restrictions & Added Police Officers to Help Move Traffic and Reduce Congestion; Provisions Made for Public Safety Vehicles and NJ Transit Buses to Encourage Public Transit

The Pulaski Skyway was closed to incoming Jersey CityDownload or View Flyer here traffic on Saturday, April 12, 2014.

“We know that the State’s closure of the Pulaski Skyway for the next two years will have a significant impact on Jersey City residents and businesses which is why we have been working with the State to develop a plan that will encourage motorists to avoid using Jersey City as a pass through route to the Holland Tunnel,” said Mayor Fulop. “The plan we have in place is one that can be adapted and modified as we see exactly how many motorists enter Jersey City during rush hours and what routes they take. Our goal is to keep traffic moving safely and smoothly and to have the least impact on residents possible.”

At the request of the City, the DOT is funding the hiring of 55 off-duty Jersey City police officers to assist traffic flow during the morning and afternoon rush hours, with the officers being supported by the JCPD Motorcycle Squad as rapid response.

The Office of Emergency Management, which opened at 6 a.m., Monday, April 14th, will serve as the command center during the Skyway closure until needed. The DOT is also installing nearly two dozen adaptive traffic signals in Jersey City to accommodate an anticipated additional 1,700 vehicles on Route 1&9 Truck.

As part of its plan, Jersey City has implemented AM turn restrictions throughout the city. These restrictions are meant to keep Pulaski Skyway traffic off side streets and to improve the overall flow of traffic. Established NJT bus lines and school buses will be exempt from turn restrictions in order to encourage use of public transportation and minimize disruption for students and the plan takes into account the mobility of public safety vehicles.

Jersey City has also passed an ordinance specifically prohibiting vehicles from blocking crosswalks and intersections. Signs are being posted at signalized intersections throughout the city, and the fine will be $150 for each violation.

“There will be zero tolerance for blocking bus stops and double-parking, as we can’t allow a single person to block traffic for everyone,” said Public Safety Director James Shea. “The Jersey City Police Department and Parking Authority will be aggressively enforcing these regulations.”

To provide two continuous lanes of traffic during rush hours, Jersey City will also implement parking and stopping regulations along Communipaw Avenue and Grand street.


Communipaw Av. from Rt. 440 to Grand St. - 6 AM-10 AM Monday-Friday eastbound, south side of street; 3 PM-7 PM Monday-Friday westbound, north side of street

Grand St. from Communipaw Av. to Fairmount Av. - 6 AM-10 AM Monday-Friday eastbound, south side of street 3 PM-7 PM Monday-Friday westbound, north side of street.

At the request of the administration, the DOT also held two special community meetings on the Pulaski Skyway closure at which state and city officials outlined the above plans for traffic during the two-year closure as well as public safety plans.

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 Red Light Cameras Throughout Jersey City!  

Location of Red Light Cameras  Date Ticketing & Fines Take Effect 
Additional Red Light Camera Added at Newark Avenue & Route 7 (Wallis Avenue) Intersection  August 25, 2012 
WB Approach Rte.440/1&9 & Communipaw Ave./Lincoln Highway May 24, 2012 
Kennedy Blvd. & Hoboken Ave./
Rte 139
May 13. 2012 
Duncan Ave. & Kennedy Blvd. April 20, 2012 
Sip Ave. & Rtes.1&9/440 WB April 9, 2012 
Sip Ave. & Rtes.1&9/440 SB February 3, 2012 
Newark & Tonnelle avenues January 30, 2012 

Montgomery & Merseles streets
January 19, 2012 
Jersey Ave @ 18th Street January 19, 2012 
Kennedy Blvd. @ Communipaw Ave. January 19, 2012 










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