Immigrant Affairs Commission

The Immigrant Affairs Commission ("Commission") was formed in the City of Jersey City to advise the Municipal Council and/or Mayor on issues of common concern to immigrants, particularly in the areas of health and human services, civil and human rights, education, business development, and the demographic makeup of the Jersey City immigrant community. The Commission shall make recommendations to the Municipal Council and/or Mayor that will maximize the positive impact and minimize the adverse impact of existing federal, state, and local immigration, welfare and other laws, on local immigrants. The Commission shall promote the recognition and preservation of the contributions of immigrants to the economic and cultural vitality of Jersey City; and shall promote the availability of, and accessibility to, local educational, economic, legal, and social resources for immigrants. The Commission shall have all powers reasonable and necessary to carry out its purpose. Such powers shall include, but are not limited to, the power to conduct public meetings, studies, and surveys. The Commission shall have the power to issue public statements and resolutions to the extent those are advisory only and would have no binding affect on the governing body.

Immigration Affairs Commissioners:

Imtiaz A. Syed - Chairperson Cecilia Aranzamendez
Mussab Ali - Vice Chairperson Ahmed Shedeed
Hamel Vyas - Secretary Juan Cartagena
Rolando R. Lavarro