Engineering & Traffic Services

Some of the  specific services of the Office of Engineering are:

- Designs public projects such as roadways, sidewalks, and traffic controls, by preparing plans and specifications for public bidding in accordance with AASHTO and NJDOT Standards. Funding for these projects is secured through either Capital Funds or the preparation of applications for Federal or NJDOT Local Aid grants or any other potential funding sources.

- Issuance of street opening and traffic permits and inspects the street openings to ensure compliance with Jersey City Standards.

- Reviews Site Plans and subdivision applications for the Jersey City Planning Board and Zoning Board.

- Inspect project sites to ensure compliance with the approved site plans
Reviews Franchise Ordinance Petitions on improvements within the City public right-of-ways, and provides recommendations to the City Council.

- Investigates, maintains and prepares work orders for the repair or installation of all traffic signs (parking, warning, regulatory, wayfinding destination Jersey City signs, bike route, etc.) in the public Right of Way.

- Provides for the maintenance of City traffic signals, school crossing flashing signals and street lighting systems, maximizes safety, circulation, and efficiency of City streets. Maintains and analyzes traffic collision records, speed surveys, traffic counts and reviews traffic control plans. Also responsible for reviewing, analyzing, and reporting on traffic issues and concerns. Reviews police motor vehicle accident reports, conducts traffic counts, performs speed surveys and addresses any other traffic-related issues and concerns.

- Conducts Disabled Parking Committee meetings and issue permits for handicapped parking, dumpsters, and street or lane closings.

- Maintains the Traffic Code/Ordinances regarding parking, traffic signs, traffic striping, set speed limits, establish meter parking, bus stops, taxi stands, etc.

- Monitors environmental issues and provides recommendations to protect the health and safety of the general public.

- Establishes the Engineering Standards for Jersey City, assist in the maintenance of City Maps, Geodetic Monuments and Bench Marks, and any other Engineering documents.

- Maintains streetlights and coordinates with PSE&G regarding the repair or installation of new conventional or decorative street lighting.