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JCTV studio and crew

The JCTV Studio Team
Ryan Joseph, Raul Heredia, Stan Eason, Stephanie Daniels, Pat Byrne

 JCTV is the official broadcast and media production team for the City of Jersey City, operating out of Jersey City’s Communications Department. JCTV offers a variety of programming that informs the public about city government projects, programs, and initiatives, and entertains the community, with a focus on Jersey City’s residents, businesses, and cultural and arts events.
 JCTV is on FiOS 37, Comcast 96, and YouTube.
Looking for Community Access TV? See channel 51 on Comcast, or contact Comcast at: (908) 624-6061

Contact Info

  • phone201-547-5808
  • phone201-547-4493
  • 280 Grove Street
    Room 319
    Jersey City, NJ 07302
    Stan Eason, Director
    Stephanie Daniels, Creative Director

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JCTV On air sign

City Council and Caucus meetings, both current and archived, are available to watch 24/7 on the JCTV YouTube Channel.  Regularly scheduled, current meetings are viewable on FIOS 37 and Comcast 96 on the following schedule:

Caucus meetings
7 p.m. the day following the meeting.
10 a.m. & 7 p.m. the second day following the meeting.
10 a.m. the third day following the meeting

City Council meetings
7 p.m. the day following the meeting.
10 a.m. & 7 p.m. subsequent meetings until the next Caucus meeting.

Please note: if the meetings run in excess of four hours, the airing of the meeting may be delayed 24 hours.

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