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Welcome to the Department of Finance!

Our mission is to enhance fair fiscal policy. We manage the financial health of the City and its resources. We provide financial information and support to the public, City agencies, and policymakers. 

Each office or division serves the City of Jersey City by managing the city’s financial resources. We are committed to serving Jersey City’s residents to ensure each tax dollar funds vital services for the City. 

  • Office of Management and Budget
    Works with the Office of Administration and the Mayor on yearly spending priorities
  • Office of the Comptroller
    Records all the City’s financial transactions in the general ledger. This Office provides Municipal Financial Reports viewable to the public.
  • Tax Collections
    Handles all tax payments to the city - property and payroll taxes or abatement payments. Learn more about paying your Taxes
  • Grants Administration
    Manages all grant funds awarded to the City. Grant-funded City programs improve the quality of life for Jersey City residents
  • Purchasing Division
    Handles finding materials, supplies, equipment, and services required by the City. Visit the Purchasing Division to learn more about doing business with Jersey City.
  • Office of Treasury and Debt Management
    Monitors and manages the City's cash flow. They ensure there is enough cash to fund the City's operational expenses