Director of Public Safety, James Shea talking to a police officer.

Under the direction of Director James Shea, the Department of Public Safety comprises the Police Department, the Fire Department, the Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security (O.E.M.), Parking Enforcement, and Fire Prevention.  Public Safety continues to be a top priority for the Fulop Administration and Director Shea.  The hiring of over 430 police officers since 2013 has helped lift the city’s department from historic lows, to nearly 975 officers; significantly boosting police presence in some of the most crime-ridden areas.  As one of the state’s largest cities, public safety is paramount.

 Another crucial tool in combating crime is community residents.  From anonymous tips to emergency response volunteers, we also need your help to keep Jersey City a safe place to live, work and play.


The purpose of this General Order is to establish headlines for the use, management, storage, and dissemination of audio/video footage recorded by body-worn cameras (BWC) deployed to its members by the Jersey City Police Department.  The objective of the BWC program is to provide transparency regarding interactions between members of the JCPD and the public in order to gain the public's confidence and support.  For the same reasons the cameras are an asset for law enforcement, it will benefit residents by providing an unbiased and accurate record of an interaction.  Camera 


East District PoliceRecognizing the importance of community engagement to combat crime and enhance public safety, Mayor Fulop established the Citizens Advisory Review Board.  The board meets the first Tuesday of every month to review police data and public safety issues, in turn making programmatic, legislative and training recommendations where opportunities for improvement are found.

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