Lobbyist Registration

It is mandatory for everyone who meets the definition of Lobbyist Representative to file the Lobbyist Registration Form
(Mayoral Executive Order 2002-005 & Municipal Ordinance No. 02-075, §3-9.2) 

A separate, original copy of the Lobbyist Registration Form must be filed with the City Clerk for each specific legislation or contract, or for each type of legislation or type of contract over which the Lobbyist Representative intends to exert influence.

Before You File

Before filing or answering questions in the Lobbyist Registration Form, review City Ordinance 02-075, §3- 9 .1 through §3-9 .5

Copies of  City Ordinance 02-075, §3- 9 .1 through §3-9 .5 and Executive Order 2002-005 dated May 6, 2002 are available from the City Clerk upon request.

Penalty for Non-Filing

  • Any contracts entered into are voidable by the City
  • Compliance with the provisions of this chapter will be required
  • Contractor shall be disqualified, following notice
  • Contractor will not be permitted to enter into contracts and agreements with the City of Jersey City for a period of two (2) years for each violation
(Municipal Ordinance No. 02-075, §3-9.4)