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City Planning is working to update the Land Use and Open Space/Community Facilities Elements of the Master Plan. Along with this effort, we are also working on a visioning portion of the Master Plan to help guide the vision for our City over the next 20 years.

Stay tuned for the final showcase in late August / early September.

What is a Master Plan? Why is it important?
A master plan functions as a roadmap for the city’s future
A master plan describes how, why, where and when to build in the city
It provides an opportunity for us to look ahead, establish new visions and directions, set goals and map out plans for the future
Missed the first open house meetings?
Materials from our in-person and virtual meetings can be found on the Master Plan website:

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City Planning and Historic Preservation staff are operating remotely effective March 23, 2020 for the duration of the City's State of Emergency. We ask for patience in response time during this quarantine period. It is our goal to continue to serve the public the best we can in a manner that protects the public welfare. Historic Preservation staff is holding office hours at the City Hall Annex (1 Jackson Square) weekdays from 10am to 2pm.

We will continue to monitor the general City Planning email account. Please submit any questions to staff via email, phone is not preferred, until the State of Emergency is lifted.

Until further notice, all public meetings will be held virtually as video conferences with public access. To learn more, please scroll to sections below.

To submit an application for development to the Division of City Planning, email Joey-Ann Morales at

All applications shall be submitted by email until further notice. Hard copy submissions will not be accepted or processed.


In accordance with NJDEP's amended Stormwater Management Rules (N.J.A.C. 7:8), Jersey City has adopted an updated Stormwater Control Ordinance (345-74), effective March 1st, 2021. The amendments replace the current requirement that major developments incorporate nonstructural stormwater management strategies to the "maximum extent practicable" with a requirement that green infrastructure be utilized to meet stormwater management standards. Jersey City's Stormwater Ordinance imposes a more stringent definition of major development and includes a new definition for minor development. These thresholds and other requirements can be found in the full ordinance here.


Should you wish to access an agenda for a public meeting, please visit Jersey City's Calendar. Links to join the virtual meetings are provided on the agenda and on the Jersey City Calendar.
Agendas have hyperlinks to digital plans, reports and other materials for all applications to be presented by the boards or commissions. Within the agenda, click on a link  for the case you wish to review. Alternatively, you can search by address or case number to review digital plans at the Jersey City Data Portal. Plans for cases will be made available on the portal after agendas are sunshined. 

If you wish to receive email notice of when staff publishes materials on the portal, create a username or login, navigate to the dataset you are interested in, and select the "follow" button to receive alerts.


The Jersey City Planning Board, Zoning Board of Adjustment, and the Historic Preservation Commission are utilizing the service, Zoom, to conduct virtual meetings in compliance  with New Jersey Open Public Meetings Act. If you have questions about how to access virtual meetings click here to review our Zoom Meeting Instructions.

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The Division of City Planning maintains a staff of licensed professional planners and trained experts who are responsible for comprehensively planning the rational development of land in the City.

For the more information, t
he Jersey City Open Data Portal website provides a variety of data including operational data, locations of municipal services or other landmarks, and a variety of other miscellaneous information related to City Planning like redevelopment plans, land use board agendas and maps. You may also download the latest official Zoning Map (dated 2.5.2021) here. And, please review the links and other menus below for additional information.

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