Division of Immigrant Affairs

The Jersey City Division of Immigrant Affairs at the Department of Health & Human Services (DIA-HHS) is committed to improving the inclusion, integration, and total health and wellness of our city’s immigrants. Our multi-lingual staff at our Jackson Square office can help you complete immigration forms and find the non-profit experts you need to achieve success. All services are free to Jersey City residents, regardless of your immigration status.

Apply for U.S. Citizenship Online using CitizenshipWorks

  • Simple step-by-step questionsCitizenshipWorks
  • Helpful guides
  • Free review of application
  • Be a licensed immigration attorney or Accredited
  • Representative
  • Over-the-phone help from our staff

Get started by clicking here, or call 201-547-4328.

Federally Accredited Immigration Services


DIA-HHS is proud to be the first municipal office in the country to offer federally accredited immigration legal services. What does this mean? Our staff of Accredited Representatives are fully trained and authorized to help you navigate the immigration system, complete forms, and understand complex requirements—all for free. For more info, see page 15 of the Resource Guide for Immigrants.

Find the Help You Need

  • Immigration Lawyers
  • English Classes
  • Health and Wellness
  • Jobs Agencies 

DIA can only recommend non-profit agencies; you can choose to seek services wherever you prefer.

Important Information

  • As of March 2021, immigration authorities will no longer use the 2019 Public Charge rule. New immigrants who have low income and who might need public benefits will no longer be restricted. Read more here.      

Contact Info

  • phone201-547-5107 English and español
  • phone201-547-5118 English and العربية
  • One Jackson Square (364 MLK Drive)
    Jersey City NJ 07305
    Main Phone: 201-547-4328

    Lee W. Chang, Esq., Director
    Michael McLean, Senior Immigration Assistant
    Melad Latif, Legal Secretary 
    Diana Santana, Legal Secretary
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