Jersey City launched its first-ever composting efforts in 2018 with a Residential Compost Drop-Off Program and a Backyard Composting Program. Check out how many pounds of food scraps have been collected so far. Find out more about each program below.

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Compost ShedComposting is the controlled management of the decomposition of organic material so that it becomes a nutrient-rich soil amendment that helps plants thrive.

Benefits of Composting

  • Reduces organic waste that would go into a landfill, which lowers greenhouse gases
  • Helps improve the health of the soil and serves as a natural fertilizer
  • Helps retain moisture for your garden and plants




To compost in your backyard, you only need a few materials to get started. A compost bin, a container to collect your food scraps in the kitchen, and a tool to circulate the air in the compost pile. Collect food scraps in the freezer or in a countertop container. Mix greens and browns in backyard bin. Aerate with turner or shovel.