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Healthy Greens JC is an education and nutrition initiative that offers residents free and comprehensive health planning and screenings in partnership with Inspired Growing.

All residents who participate in the program will receive free greens grown in Jersey City’s indoor vertical farms.

The City plans to install 10 vertical farm units providing 19,000 lbs. of vegetables yearly in municipal buildings, public housing complexes and schools.

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In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Healthy Greens JC is the first comprehensive inner city vertical farming program in the nation. The initiative will focus on food deserts, food access inequity, and provide comprehensive education on healthy eating.

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Participants in the program will be able to enroll for a period of one to three years, wherein they will be provided with free greens, health screenings, and nutrition workshops.

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Partnerships are a fundamental part of the Healthy Greens JC program. With oversight from the Healthier JC leadership team, this program is recognized through the World Economic Forum under its newly created Healthy Cities and Communities 2030 Campaign, wherein Mayor Fulop’s policy focus on improving the health and well-being of Jersey City are examples of how Jersey City serves as an international example and can also learn from other global cities.

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Jersey City's Community Vertical Farm Program