Zoning does not take any applications in person.  All applications MUST be submitted through the online portal system.

Phase one and Phase two of the 2021 Master Plan Implementation have been adopted and are in effect. While these ordinances are still pending codification on the City's digital ordinance, staff has prepared an LDO Interim User Document to access the latest standards. This document includes the updates to the R-1 Zone as well as other zones and standards. Phase two (ordinance 23-103) is in effect as of 11/15/2023.

Due to the recent adoption of Ordinance 23-048, there is a new step in the process for applying for permits in Jersey City that took effect on April 1, 2024. After a Zoning Review Application (ZRA) is reviewed and approved, the Division of Zoning must determine whether the application is "exempt" or "not exempt" from the Residential Development Fee (RDF).

If a project is deemed "exempt", a “Construction Permit Application” link will be added to the Sub-Records tab in the online portal and the applicant is to apply for that application. This will take the application from the Division of Zoning to the Division of Construction Code. Upon approval the Division of Construction Code, the applicant will receive their permits. This is the same process that existed prior to April 1st, 2024. 

If a project is deemed "not exempt", a “Residential Redevelopment Fee Application” link will be added to the Sub-Records tab in the online portal and the applicant is to apply for that application. In this application, there is an opportunity to provide documentation that proves the project is "exempt" from the RDF. The accepted documentation is listed in the Residential Development Fee Application and the exemptions include the following:

  • Affordable Housing Exemption
  • Owner Occupied 4 Units or Less Exemption
  • Improvement (Deck, Patio, etc.) Exemption
  • Reconstruction Due to Fire Exemption
  • Addition Less Than 5,000 SF Exemption
  • ADU Exemption

The applicant is responsible for providing proof and if they do not have documentation to prove that they are exempt from the RDF, the application will be assigned to an intake personnel in the Tax Accessor's Office. The Tax Accessor’s intake personnel will then evaluate the fee due and upload an invoice to the online portal. The applicant is then responsible to pay the amount requested. Once done, the intake personnel will add the “Construction Permit Application” link to the Sub-Records tab. This will bring the application from the Tax Accessor's Office to the Division of Construction Code. The applicant is to apply for this application and, upon approval, receive their permits.


At the Division of Zoning, we enforce and interpret the Zoning and Land Use Ordinances of Jersey City, Chapter 345 of Municipal Code, as well as Jersey City's several dozen Redevelopment Plans.

The Division of Zoning is often the first stop for many. Anyone in the process of building, renovating, starting a new business, buying property, or questioning the legality of a particular use should contact the Zoning Division. Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to answer any questions or concerns. To learn about the Zoning and Land Use Ordinance that applies to your property, enter your address here.

Did you know about the new Zoning rules that accommodate ADUs (Accessory Dwelling Units? Read or download a guide to the new Zoning rules HERE.

Housing Block Diagram

How to Submit an Application

All division of Zoning applications can be found at jcnj.org/permitportal.

Once you register and create an account, all applications are easily accessible with an application name search or found under the "PLANS" tab. The following Zoning applications:

  • Zoning Determination Letter
  • Zoning Determination Letter - Short-Term Rental
  • Zoning Review Application
  • Zoning Review Application - Signage
  • Driveway Marking/Driveway Parking Permit
  • Demolition Review
  • Certificate (Category Name-Construction Code)

For any new Certificate of Occupancy, Certificate of Continued Occupancy or Temporary Certificate of Occupancy application(s) can be found with an application name search or under the "PEMITS" tab.

What Does Zoning Do?

Zoning Determinations Letters
A Zoning Letter signed by the Zoning Officer acknowledges that certain use, structure, or building complies with the provisions of Chapter 345, redevelopment plan, or whether deviation/variance therefrom is duly authorized. 

Short-term Rental Zoning Review
The Division of Housing Preservation oversees the permitting of Short-Term Rentals (STR) and enforcement of the Short-Term Rental Ordinance. Applicants applying for Short Term Rental permit must first obtain a "Zoning Determination Letter - Short Term Rental" to include in their STR permit application. The Division of Zoning determines whether the premises are configured and used in compliance with the Jersey City’s Land Use and Zoning Ordinances and Forestry Standards. Please note that Zoning's review for STR does not currently charge a fee.

Zoning Plan Reviews
The real or prospective owner and/or developer of any land may apply for a plan review and determination certifying that submitted plans comply with the provisions of Chapter 345, redevelopment plan, or deviation/variance therefrom is duly authorized. This is a pre-requisite for any permit application. See the flow chart below to know more about the process of receiving permits. 

ZRA flow chart
Certificate of Occupancy (CO)
At the Division of Zoning, we review all Certificate of Occupancy applications for zoning compliance. Please note that when simply transferring a deed, a new CO document is not required.
Download the 270 UCC form for a Certificate of Occupancy HERE.

All building signs are reviewed by the Division of Zoning and/or Division of Historic Preservation based on the location of the property. All new signage must comply with City of Jersey City’s Design and Zoning Standards.

Driveways and Residential Carports
On May 28, 2001 the City Council of Jersey City adopted the Land Use Development Ordinance No. 01-042 which prohibits off-street parking between the building and street.
Driveway Markings: The Division of Zoning inspects driveways and curb cuts to ensure that they are legal and in conformance. In most Zoning Districts, NO FRONT YARD PARKING IS PERMITTED. However, where legal a maximum of 10-foot wide curb cut and driveway is permitted.
To see approved driveways and curb cuts, please visit THIS WEBSITE

Building Demolition Application
All applications for demolition in the City of Jersey City are reviewed by the Division of Historic Preservation and subsequently by the Division of Zoning. Prior to contacting the Division of Zoning, please visit THIS WEBSITE.

To learn about cannabis license classifications and how to obtain local approval, please visit the the following link.
Please note that to obtain a Class 6 license, an application to the Division of City Planning is not required. However, an application must be submitted to the Cannabis Control Board and a Zoning Determination Letter must be obtained from the Division of Zoning.

Alternative Treatment Centers
To establish an ATC, an applicant must follow the City of Jersey City Alternative Treatment Center Application Procedures which includes receiving a Zoning Determination Letter. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to establish an Alternative Treatment Center (ATC).


What is a "Letter of Intent"?
A letter of intent is required for all our applications. This is a separate documents that explains in detail what you are proposing or requesting. This is also where you should provide any history that is relevant to your applications. This can be uploaded in word format.

Fees and Payments

 Application Type  Fee
 Residential 1 to 4 dwelling units.
 Residential 5+ dwelling units.
 $25 per each dwelling unit
 Non-residential (including mixed use)
 under 5,000 square feet.
 Non-residential (including mixed use)
 5,000 square feet to 49,999 square feet.
 Non-residential (including mixed use)
 50,000 square feet and above.

To learn about the Zoning and Land Use Ordinances of Jersey City, click on the interactive map below

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