St. Pauls Avenue Safety Improvements

St. Pauls Avenue between Tonnele Avenue and JFK Boulevard currently experiences a disproportionate amount of cut-through traffic due to the proximity of Route 1&9, Route 139, and the Tonnele Circle interchange.

As a part of the City’s efforts to redesign our streets to be safer for all road users, a walk audit was conducted and a Street Safety Action Plan was prepared for the neighborhood. As a result of that effort, a week-long pilot project was installed April 11-18, 2022.

The Department of Infrastructure hosted a virtual public meeting on June 9, 2022 to review the pilot project and discuss recommendations. Following the meeting, residents were invited to provide feedback on the three (3) final redesign options via an online survey, which included an option to convert St. Pauls Avenue to one-way in the westbound direction between Tonnele Avenue and John F. Kennedy Boulevard.

The Department of Infrastructure conducted a pilot of the closure of St. Pauls Avenue to eastbound traffic between Tonnele Avenue and John F. Kennedy Boulevard for a period of two (2) weeks in November 2022. The Transportation team from the Jersey City Department of Infrastructure reviewed the results of those efforts and provided recommendations for improvements for St. Pauls Avenue and the surrounding streets during a community meeting on January 26, 2023.

Based on requests from residents at the 1/26 community meeting, a survey was developed to gather additional feedback on the proposed design. An ordinance was recommended to the City Council to convert the street to one-way westbound travel. The ordinance was not adopted by the City Council.

The Department has committed to installing concrete curb extensions, median islands, and re-installation of the existing speed humps before a planned pavement of the street. This construction effort is anticipated to be completed in Fall 2023.

Project Overview

Location: St. Pauls Avenue from Tonnele Avenue to JFK Boulevard

Funding: Operating Budget - On-call Services

Scope of Work: The City is conducting a planning and design study to address safety concerns by residents in the area of St. Pauls Avenue.