Bayfront Community Advisory Committee Unanimously Approves Proposal for Bayfront site to Increase Affordable Housing and Pursue Redevelopment for a Stronger Economic Future for Jersey City Residents

JERSEY CITY – Mayor Steven M. Fulop 
announces a unanimous vote by the 7-member Bayfront Community Advisory Committee to release the Request for Proposal (RFP) for the Bayfront redevelopment project after carefully reviewing and agreeing to affordable housing and other requirements that best serve the community.


“We have been fighting to make Bayfront the centerpiece of the revitalization of the City’s West Side with the development of the largest mixed-income community in our region,” said Mayor Fulop. “This is a crucial step as we continue to push forward with the once contaminated site, and transform the Hackensack Riverfront property into a brand-new neighborhood serving the needs of the community.”


The 7-member community advisory board is comprised of the Mayor, a representative from JC Together, Ward A Councilwoman Denise Ridley, Ward B Councilwoman Mira Prinz-Arey, a representative from Society Hill, and two other community members.


Under Mayor Fulop’s proposal for Bayfront, the language in the RFP is precisely consistent with the language in the Resolution the City Council voted on to acquire the property last October – with the goal of 35% affordable housing throughout the site.  Along with agreeing on the push for a high level of affordability, the Bayfront committee also requested the RFP incorporate green initiatives on site where applicable, making for a sustainable place for hundreds of families to live.


“This is a big win for our community and I’m thankful to the committee for their dedication,” said Ward A Councilwoman Denise Ridley.  “All of us on the advisory board worked together with the overall goal of achieving what is best for Jersey City and its residents.  I’m pleased we are able to get to this point, remaining in step with the administration’s goal of expanding affordable housing citywide.”


The RFP is posted on the Jersey City Redevelopment Agency’s website as well as the[]Jersey City website.  The committee expects upwards of 500 units built on the 4 parcels of land.  A developer can bid on one or all 4 parcels of land available.  The online link includes all documentation and maps necessary in a single-link package for one-stop-shop accessibility.


“I’m proud to be part of this process, transforming the once polluted site and striving to create a welcoming and affordable community,” said Ward B Councilwoman Prinz-Arey.  “We have been able to create a thoughtful, inclusive plan to help shape our City for generations to come.”


Finally, per the agreement with the City Council, Society Hill, and JC Together, the RFP responses will be reviewed by the community advisory board. This process will ensure the entire community is part of the decision making process.

About Bayfront:

In October 2018, the City Council approved the purchase of approximately 70 acres of land from the Bayfront Redevelopment properties in order to increase affordable housing in Jersey City, create jobs and to redevelop the community with the largest mixed-income development in decades.  The agreement, passed by the City Council, bonded $170 million to purchase the land and build the necessary infrastructure on the property.

Link To RFP:
The Request for Proposals (“RFP”) for Phase I of the Bayfront Redevelopment Area is now available HERE.