Parking Plan LogoThe City of Jersey City, in association with the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority (NJTPA) and an external consultant team, will be conducting a year-long study to develop the Jersey City Parking Management Plan. The goal of this study is to catalog existing parking supply, determine parking demand by understanding the community-specific needs, and identify the most innovative strategies to manage parking for current and future development The Parking Management Plan will inform zoning regulations, help reduce traffic congestion generated by single-occupancy vehicles and align with the goals in the Circulation Element to limit land dedicated to parking uses near transit stations and encourage the use of public transit and active modes of transportation throughout the City.  


We will be providing several opportunities for community engagement throughout the study, stay tuned for announcements of additional meetings. 

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Please take our survey to help the City of Jersey City understand residents’ priorities and insights of parking across the City. The results will provide a better understanding of issues that are pertinent to the City’s various neighborhoods.

Parking Plan Fact Sheet

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