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Kids Bike Ride
Saturday, June 11 | 10am - 3pm

Lighthorse Harry & the Raid on Powles Hook


Dateline August 1779. The war for Independence from the tyrant King George III is going poorly and patriot morale is as low as it can get.

Manhattan remains a British garrison and and the Red Coats have built Fort Powles Hook on the other side of the river. But Major Henry (Lighthorse Harry) Lee has hatched a daring plan – Take the Fort!

It’s the dead of night, raining and the mosquitos are out in full force. Lee sneaks through the bug infested swamps to launch a surprise attack on the fort. But the daring raid is in peril - a local guide, either incompetent or perhaps a Red Coat sympathizer, has gotten Lee’s band of raiders lost and wandering in the wet swamp for hours.

YOU are a patriot of the Continental Army, who, by collecting the clues, can find the location of the fort. Then, Lighthorse Harry Lee and his troops can surprise the Red Coats, take the fort, and raise the spirits of George Washington’s army to fight on to victory and independence!
  • Self-directed family bike ride
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