Division of Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing Overview

How Do I Get Affordable Housing? 
Applicants apply directly to developments that are advertising affordable housing units. Applicants are chosen through a lottery system - each affordable housing development has its own lottery system. Please note: The City of Jersey City does not have a public lottery for affordable housing. Applicants must meet income and tenant requirements before being considered, known as "pre-screening." Lottery winners will be contacted by the development.

Where Can I Find Affordable Housing? 
Our Housing Resources page has links and information on where to find affordable housing. Please note: The Division of Affordable Housing does not place residents into affordable units. We do not take applications. The Division of Affordable Housing works with the developers who are building affordable housing units.

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What is Affordable Housing?

Affordable housing units in Jersey City are restricted to occupancy by households with a total combined income under 80% of the median income level for Hudson County, as determined by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. These affordable units are newly constructed apartments that are legally restricted for low-and-moderate incomes. 

What are Affordable Housing Income Limits?
Affordable housing income brackets are calculated relative to the Area Median Income (AMI) for Hudson County. This median income is used to categorize lower incomes into income brackets. The AMI in Hudson County for 1 person is $72,846 per year.  See the 2021 Affordable Housing Regional Income Limits by Household Size for limits by household size. 

Income Level Definitions: 
Very Low Income: Up to 30% of the AMI

Low Income: Up to 50% of the AMI
Moderate Low Income: Between 50% - 80% of the AMI
Workforce: Between 80% - 120% of the AMI

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