Fall leave photoCurbside Leaf Composting

What makes great compost? Leaves! Sweep them up, put them in a special compost bag and we'll come and get them!

Pick-up Schedule

Place bags on curb Wednesday evening for early morning Thursday pick-up.

Find your Police District HERE

South & West Districts

 November 30; December 14, 28

North & East Districts

 December 7, 21

Where to get Bags

Leaf bags will be available at the following park locations, Saturdays only from 12PM to 3PM through December 16. Proof of residency is required (i.e., utility bill, driver’s license)

Lincoln Park - 11/11; 11/25; 12/16
Pershing Field - 11/18; 12/2
Arlington Park - 12/2
Leonard Gordon Park - 12/9
Hamilton Park - 11/25
Van Vorst Park -11/11; 12/16
Audubon Park - 11/18
Rev. Ercel Webb (Lafayette) Park - 12/2

You can also come to the DPW and get leaf bags from us, now through December 16, 2023. Bring proof of Jersey City residency.

Jersey City Municipal Services Complex
13-15 Linden Avenue East
Monday - Friday | 9AM - 3:30PM

Pumpkin photoDon't Throw It - Compost It!

From now until 11/20/23
Jersey City will compost your pumpkins for free. Just head to the nearest compost shed below, place them in the special pumpkin bin and we'll pick them up. Come spring we will offer you free compost for your garden. 

Pumpkins must be:
  • Free of candles & any other non-compostable materials
  • Chopped/smashed or at least cut in half
  • Free of paint

Drop-off Sites

  • City Hall – 280 Grove St., along Mercer St.
  • Hamilton Park – 8th and McWilliams Place
  • Hamilton Park - 9th & Jersey (two composting drop-off sheds)
  • LCCS – Kensington entrance by JFK Blvd.
  • Riverview Community Garden/Farmer’s Market – 285 Ogden Ave.
  • Pershing Field - Corner of Ferry St. & Central Ave
  • Paulus Hook - Intersection of Washington & Dudley St.


    We can reduce our waste and energy consumption byRecycling recycling. According to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP):

    • Recycling results in reduced emissions of air and water pollutants.
    • Recycling reduces the need for mining and drilling, both of which cause air and water pollution.
    • Manufacturing with recycled materials, with very few exceptions, produces less air and water pollution than manufacturing with virgin materials. It results in a net reduction for ten major categories of air pollutants (such as nitrogen oxide, particulates, and sulfur oxides) and eight major categories of water pollutants.
    • Recycling leads to reductions in greenhouse gas generation by saving energy needed to extract natural resources, by increased forest carbon sequestration (through the saving of trees), by using less energy in manufacturing and by reducing the amount of waste burned or buried.
    • On average, approximately 1.67 metric tons of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) equivalents are avoided for every ton of municipal solid waste recycled.

    Contact Info


    • Report an overgrown lot or an illegal dumping incident here.
    • Call 201-547-4400 for more information regarding dumpster rental.
    • The next hazardous waste drop off date is: TBD.  Residents can drop off hazardous waste items at DPW headquarters: 15-17 Linden Ave E, Jersey City, NJ