Top 7 Reasons to License Your Dog

As a pet owner, you spend plenty of time making sure your dog is healthy and safe. You walk him or her daily, feed it nutritious food, and take it to the vet when something seems “off”. and microchipped them.

However, many pet owners forget, or ignore, something vital - licensing their pet. A pet license is yet another way to make sure your pet is protected if they become lost. If you’ve been putting off licensing your pet because you think it’s too expensive, or doesn't provide any benefits, this article is for you.



1. It’s the law

In the majority of states, it’s actually required that dog owners license their pets. You could get asked to show your dog’s license while you’re out for a walk, and if you don’t have one, you’re looking at a decent-sized fine. You’ll get a tag that serves as the dog’s license, so it should be on their collar at all times – learn your local pet licensing laws and follow them.

2. It proves your dog is properly vaccinated

You can’t license your dog without getting its rabies vaccinations. Knowing your dog has its license makes it easier for the staff at a grooming salon or boarding facility to be assured your dog is healthy.

3. Your dog has a better chance of being returned home if lost

In some communities, your pet’s license means a free trip home if they’re found by local animal control. Without a license, it might mean an expensive overnight stay at the municipal animal shelter.

4. Your dog will be safer at the shelter

Licensed dogs are kept longer at shelters, and are less likely to be euthanized than unlicensed dogs are. If for some reason the shelter is having a hard time getting ahold of you, the shelter is more likely to be patient and keep trying.

5. It’s cheap

In Jersey City, it’s as low as $10 a year to license your dog if they’ve been spayed or neutered.

6. It’s quick

You likely don’t even have to go in person to register your pet, you can do it online or mail the form in if you’re busy. There’s really no excuse not to license your pet.

7. Local shelters and State programs are supported by the fees

If you’re still having a hard time coughing up the cash for the yearly fee, know that many of the local animal shelters are benefiting from it. They use the money to maintain the facility and feed the lost dogs. It keeps them up and running, and provides support for animal control officers. This should put you at ease knowing that if your dog ever ends up in a shelter, it’s in good hands until you get there.

The more forms of identification you can arm your pet with, and the more ways you can be contacted, the greater the chance that your pet will make it home quickly if lost. Also, remember that you are just not helping your own pet --by purchasing a license, you are helping to protect all pets in your community.


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