Mallory Avenue Safety Improvements

Residents along Mallory Avenue and the surrounding community have reported concerns about vehicle speeding and pedestrian safety. Mallory Avenue has experienced 42 crashes in the past five (5) years which resulted in an injury, with 11 crashes involving pedestrians (3 were classified as suspected serious injury). Additionally, Mallory Avenue serves as an important transportation connection from the west side of the City to major public transit hubs. The City's Bike Master Plan (adopted 2019) identifies West Side Avenue as an important connection for safe cycling facilities. However, the addition of protected bike lanes on West Side Avenue would result in significant impacts to parking. Mallory Avenue provides a direct connection to the protected bike lanes in Lincoln Park, which then connect to recently installed protected bike lanes on Duncan Avenue and subsequently into the City's network.

The Department of Infrastructure has proposed a redesign of Mallory Avenue to enhance safety of all street users in accordance with the City's Vision Zero Action Plan. The proposed configuration would mimic the configuration installed in Fall 2023 on Duncan Avenue, combining the existing conventional bike lanes already installed on Mallory Avenue and moving them behind a lane of parked cars. The benefit of this configuration is shortening the distance that pedestrians must interact with moving cars to cross Mallory Avenue while reducing the travel lane space for cars and providing safe facilities for cycling. With the redesign, there will be no impact to the number of parking spaces along the corridor.

Please see links below to a presentation about the project, the design plans, an informational resident notice that was distributed, and a form to sign up to receive further notification about this project. Work is scheduled to begin on May 28, 2024.

To provide feedback on this project, please email [email protected].

Mallory Avenue Safety Improvements

Location: Mallory Avenue from Fisk Street to Communipaw Avenue / Lincoln Park

Projected Start: May 2024

Projected End: June 2024

Funding: Capital Program