Mayor Fulop Amplifies Diverse, Effective Leadership within the Jersey City Police Department Promoting Sergeants, Lieutenants, and Captains
Posted on 11/22/2022
JERSEY CITY - Mayor Steven M. Fulop joined Public Safety Director James Shea, Police Director Tawana Moody, and Jersey City Police Officers at a swearing-in ceremony inside City Hall today to promote Jersey City’s finest to the ranks of Sergeant, Lieutenant, and Captain. Since 2013, Mayor Fulop has promoted over 470 JCPD officers in all ranks.

“From the start, we have taken our public safety goals to the next level by prioritizing diversity recruitment. With minorities representing nearly 75 percent of the over 700 officers we’ve hired, we are now able to promote more and more of these diverse police officers into supervisor roles,” said Mayor Fulop.

The Fulop Administration has consistently hired and promoted more police officers than previous administrations, as it is proven that effective supervision is critical in carrying out the duties of any department.

Forty percent of today’s newly promoted Captains represent minority populations, including Jersey City’s first Muslim Police Captain. Of the new Sergeants, 67% are minorities - half of whom are Hispanic. Nearly 43% of the new Lieutenants are also minorities. This diversity among supervisors better reflects Jersey City, the most diverse community in the nation.

“We are very fortunate to have the best police officers in the state on the JCPD, and today’s promotions are well-deserved. This administration has prioritized public safety from the start, and growing our police force in both quantity and quality is one of the many successful strategies we have implemented under Mayor Fulop to improve public safety over the past 9 years,” concluded Public Safety Director James Shea.

The promotional lists are as follow:


Crisant A. Bereguette
Mohammad A. Riaz
Eddie Nieves Jr.
Anibal Rosario Jr.
Michael Galano Jr.
Dennis G. Winters
Michael C. Hulings
Frank J. Laraway
Brian A. Gajewski
Nicholas J. Kramer
Christopher R. Dalton
John J. Friend
Anthony B. Lewis
Jason E. Field
Shawn M. Broderick
Charles M. Lauziere
Keith Armstrong
Marey E. Phillips
Brian M. Sullivan
Titus J. Johnson Sr.
Darren Sorrentino


Brian W. Cullinane
Jocelyn Roldan
James J. Mitchell
Collin M. Congleton
Denise E. Aquino
Anthony J. Makofka
Jason Perez
David Ortiz
Jill M. Jaeger
Stephen M. Palomba
Anton M. Yanni
Joseph J. Young
Michael F. Rems Jr.
Michael G. Sammartino
JonPaul K. Sielski
Christopher A. Harrison
Michael J. Lang
Michael J. Rivera
Justin M. Sosnowski
John D. Theodoroleas
Sanny B. Fernandez
David L. Scanlon
Samantha Maksymiw
Ahmed Azmy
Anthony Goodman
Wayne Zachowski
Joseph N. Larkins
Cassey B. McKenna
Dwayne K. Dowell
Luz D. Rojas
Michael P. Johns
Joel V. Villabroza
Felipe Trueba
Frank J. Andrek
Rossy O. Barzola
James T. Kane
Cynthia L. Schultz
Yamileth Arroyo
Janixza Domenech
Matthew R. Kilroy
Travis Ragland
Joseph G. Vangelakos
Nicholas E. Gerardi
Richard A. Jackson III
Tarance Bryant
Douglas R. Paretti
Wael L. Shahid


David A. Leon
Ricardo Reyes
John S. Saleh
Frank Scalcione
Robert L. Smith
Anthony Cancel
Joseph M. Chidichimo
Carlos Lugo
Sean F. Licata Sr.
Glenn Rosario
Roger R. Boutros
Gilberto Rivera Jr.
Kevin J. Hill
Melange A. Ramirez
Ivam Rosario

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