Mayor Fulop Gives Oath of Office to Newest Police Academy Class
Posted on 06/13/2024
JCPD Graduation

Graduates Add to Over 800 Police Officers Hired Since 2013

JERSEY CITY, NJ — Mayor Steven M. Fulop joined City Council members and Public Safety officials inside City Hall Council Chambers this morning to swear in five new JCPD officers from the latest class to graduate the police academy. Since 2013, there have been 34 academy classes with over 800 officers hired under the Fulop Administration.

“Since day one, we have focused on growing our police department in quality police officers across the city. The extensive training these officers received in our academy qualifies them to join the best police department in the state,” Mayor Fulop said of the graduating class. “

“This latest class is an example of the continued efforts to have a diverse police department that can connect with our communities on a deeper level,” said Public Safety Director Shea. “These officers have been through rigid training in preparation for this opportunity, and we welcome them to the department.”

Mayor Fulop has administered over 400 promotions within the Jersey City Police Department. The Fulop Administration has prioritized public safety, resulting in a record low number of homicides in 2023. Additionally, Jersey City achieved the lowest homicide rate among the top 100 East Coast cities last year.

The new officers will begin their tenures on the force with foot patrol assignments covering all four police districts.

“The graduating class worked tirelessly to successfully graduate from recruits to police officers. Each officer grew tremendously throughout the training program,” added Police Director Moody.

“We are proud to welcome our graduating class to the department and look forward to working with each new officer to reach our collective goals of decreasing crime and increasing public safety,” said Acting Police Chief Kearns.

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