Mayor Fulop & HEDC Launch Online Public Portal for 24/7 Access to All Housing, Economic Development, and Commerce Applications
Posted on 06/01/2023

Increasing Efficiency and Transparency with One-stop Services Online to Streamline Building Approvals and Permits

JERSEY CITY, NJ - Mayor Steven M. Fulop joins the Department of Housing, Economic Development, and Commerce (HEDC) and the Municipal Utilities Authority (JCMUA) to announce the upcoming launch of Jersey City’s digital Customer Portal, improving local government efficiencies and public services by creating a one-stop online platform for all permitting and licensing applications pertaining to HEDC and JCMUA. From applying for business licenses to obtaining construction permits and everything in between, the integrated portal is scheduled to launch on June 14, 2023.

Mayor Fulop has led Jersey City through one of the greatest renaissances in its history, resulting in a greater need for Housing, Economic Development, and Commerce services. In 2022 alone, City Planning approved over 13,600 units – an increase of 4,000 units from the previous year. To meet the growing demand, all HEDC Divisions will now be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on one system for a more uniform application process and greater public access to information and documentation.

“Once again, we are challenging the status quo to deliver greater public access and more efficient services for our community,” said Mayor Fulop. “This new integrated online platform not only makes the entire process much easier and faster for the public, but we will also streamline and digitize internal operations, eliminating redundancies and manual processes for quicker, more efficient results.”

All applications and violations associated with a particular parcel, both previous and future, will now be linked. The new unified software will use Value Payment Systems (VPS) to provide access to HEDC services in one location, eliminating past practices of making payments at multiple websites or City offices. Additionally, the new system allows constituents to look up public records rather than submitting an OPRA request.

Annisia Cialone, the Director of HEDC, says the Department has been working to integrate the divisions under one platform to streamline operations. “As the State’s second largest municipality, we offer a wider range of services under HEDC at a much larger scale. Oftentimes, people had to come to the office in person. While some of our applications are offered online, this is much better software and establishes one cohesive platform for a more user-friendly experience.”

The new portal will help expedite the thousands of permitting and licensing forms submitted under HEDC and JCMUA every year, such as:

  • Housing Preservation
    • 5,600 applications, registrations, and licenses processed in 2022
  • Historic Preservation
    • 940 applications received in 2022
  • Construction Code
    • 28,000 inspections in 2022
      Nearly 10,000 permits and certificates issued
  • City Planning
    • Over 13,600 units approved last year
  • Commerce
    • More than 1,000 licenses processed in 2022
  • Zoning
    • 4,100 applications processed last year

“This new streamlined system includes more digital infrastructure services, which will be a major benefit for us and the services we provide residents and businesses citywide,” added Joe Cunha, Director of the Jersey City Municipal Utilities Authority. “This will significantly improve the way we can share and obtain information, and will make the entire process much easier for our residents and businesses.”

The Customer Portal will be available online beginning on June 14, 2023. Please visit the HEDC website for further updates. As HEDC transitions to the new system, no electronic applications will be accepted June 8 – June 13. All applications must be submitted in person at the HEDC offices in the City Hall Annex during this time.

All media inquiries should be directed to [email protected].