Mayor Fulop Revives Ferry Service with Discounted Fares & Free Rides
Posted on 07/17/2023
Launch of City-run Ferry Service along Jersey City’s Southern Coast with NY Waterway Provides Access to Countless Opportunities for Greenville & Bergen-Lafayette Residents

JERSEY CITY - Mayor Steven M. Fulop joins City Council members, the Department of Infrastructure, and New York Waterway to officially launch City-run ferry operations from Jersey City’s southernmost coast to close transit gaps and create more affordable and efficient transportation options for low- and middle-income residents outside of the downtown area. Utilizing a $4 million NJDOT grant, service across the Hudson River is being reintroduced at the Port Liberte Ferry Terminal with a 40% discount on travel rates.

To take connectivity efforts a step further, focusing on areas with limited transit options, the Fulop Administration will use grant funding to provide free transportation to and from the ferry terminal by leveraging existing transit services through Via, Jersey City’s on-demand microtransit service. Using a multimodal approach to create an affordable and efficient commute through one of the busiest transportation networks in the country is the latest example of how the Fulop Administration has become a model for applying innovative methods to help combat long-standing systemic issues disproportionately hindering low-income and minority populations in urban settings nationwide.

"We are committed to making Jersey City a place where everyone can thrive, and expanding mobility is a key part of that effort,” said Mayor Fulop. “We saw a unique opportunity with this underutilized ferry terminal and added free Via rides for direct access to encourage residents in Greenville and the West Side who are close in proximity but have been deterred for decades due to its secluded location.”

Access to reliable transportation is proven to substantially improve outcomes for populations who cannot afford to own a car and related expenses, and this newly revived ferry terminal is part of Jersey City's broader commitment to expanding transportation options, especially for low- and middle-income residents. With faster, more direct routes to and from New York City, the Fulop Administration’s goal is to remove limitations for residents in the south and west areas of Jersey City and provide greater access to better jobs, healthcare specialists, prominent schools, and countless other opportunities.

“This ferry terminal is the only direct access point to and from New York City outside of downtown. We want to make more affordable and efficient connections for residents who currently have less transit options, and I'm excited to see the positive impact it will have on our residents,” said Barkha Patel, Director of Jersey City’s Department of Infrastructure.

All ferry service to and from the Port Liberte terminal has remained shut down since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in February 2020. The Fulop Administration recently acquired the ferry terminal to take an active role in subsidizing ferry rates for residents traveling to and from NYC. Following a thorough RFP process, New York Waterway was selected to provide weekday services.

"NY Waterway is delighted once again to provide service from Port Liberte to lower Manhattan,” said Armand Pohan, NY Waterway’s President and CEO. "As the region continues to emerge from the disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important to connect Jersey City communities to NYC with a transportation option that keeps cars and buses off bridges and tunnels."

In addition to the over 70,000 Port Liberte residents who live within walking distance from the revived ferry terminal, NY Waterway expects to see ridership spike as more commuters outside of Port Liberte take advantage of the new amenities and direct connections to the only ferry in the surrounding area.

To further expand connectivity, the City will use grant funding to build several new Citi Bike stations in the Greenville and Bergen-Lafayette neighborhoods for added mobility options to and from the ferry, including a station at the terminal. Bike carry-on fees will be waived at the Port Liberte terminal.

“This is a great addition for the surrounding community and a much-needed transit option at a much cheaper price than before,” added Jersey City resident Milton Roges. “My wife and I used the ferry to commute to work in downtown and midtown Manhattan, and so I am very appreciative that Jersey City brought the ferry service back. I know a lot of my neighbors are grateful too.”

Now through Labor Day, any child under 12 can ride the ferry for free, with two free fares per adult. For more information on the reopened Port Liberte ferry services, please visit

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