Mayor Fulop Proposes to Alter Street Cleaning Rules on Side Streets to Reduce Inconveniences while Increasing Parking Availability
Posted on 07/09/2020
JERSEY CITY - Mayor Steven M. Fulop is introducing an ordinance to create a Street Cleaning Review Commission and propose amendments to the city’s current street cleaning schedule to reduce the burdens residents incur as municipal street cleaning procedures have become increasingly disruptive to traffic patterns and parking throughout the City of Jersey City.

“During the pandemic, we stopped street cleaning to minimize hardships for residents - especially as more people remain home,” said Mayor Fulop. “What we found is that the antiquated procedures are burdensome and unnecessary with the more modern and efficient street cleaning equipment procured in recent years. We listened to community feedback, and with these changes it’s our goal to improve quality of life for residents, reduce costs, eliminate confusion, and create more parking availability simultaneously.”

The new Review Commission will work with the Division of Engineering, Traffic & Transportation and the Division of Parking Enforcement to review street cleaning procedures and policy throughout the city, recommend a new citywide cleaning schedule to efficiently reduce cleaning on most streets, and analyze and review procedures to eliminate waste and increase efficiency.

The Street Cleaning Review Commission will include one Mayor designee, one Department of Public Works designee, and 3 members of the community as designated by the City Council. Within 90 days, the committee will present its review and make recommendations to the Administration. Upon final approval by the City Council the new schedule will then be implemented effective January 1, 2022 to allow time for signage to be changed and other necessary processes put into place.

“Parking is a quality of life issue in urban areas nationwide, and this modification is part of our broader efforts to improve efficiency and reduce hardships for residents wherever possible in a post-pandemic setting,” concluded Mayor Fulop.

Street sweeping schedules for major roadways will continue unaffected (twice a week), while side streets with less traffic, and therefore less debris, will see a reduction to once a week. The Commission will be tasked with designating appropriate roadways and routes.

All media inquiries should be directed to Kimberly Wallace-Scalcione at [email protected]