Mayor Fulop Advances Jersey City’s Police Department with Promotions of 11 Deputy Chiefs and 39 Sergeants, Furthering Diversity through the Ranks
Posted on 03/14/2022

JERSEY CITY –Mayor Steven M. Fulop, Public Safety Director James Shea, and Police Director Tawana Moody announce the promotion of 11 Deputy Chiefs and 39 Sergeants within the Jersey City
Police Department, which took place this morning during a ceremony inside City Hall Council Chambers. These promotions boost diversity through the ranks with new leadership further reflecting Jersey City’s
diverse population.

“We have the best police department in the state, bar none, and that starts from the top down. Effective leadership is key, especially when it comes to law enforcement, and I have no doubt this diverse group of newly promoted Deputy Chiefs and Sergeants will continue the progress we’ve seen in recent years to enhance public safety, community relations, and quality of life overall,” said Mayor Fulop.

The Fulop Administration has focused efforts surrounding diversity recruitment to help law enforcement better understand and meet the needs of the most diverse City in the nation. As a result, nearly 75% of the over 700 officers hired since Mayor Fulop took office in 2013 represent minority populations. Today’s
promotions expand upon these efforts as more than half of the newly promoted Sergeants are minorities, one-third of whom are Hispanic.

“As Police Director, I’m working to enhance
operations to allow for a more effective and more efficient police department, and these new Sergeants and Deputy Chiefs are a major piece to that puzzle of ensuring our Police Department meets and exceeds the community’s expectations,” said Police Director Moody.

The newly promoted Deputy Chiefs are:
Patrick Kirwin
Raymond Ortiz
Tyrone Hickey
Thomas Engleke
George Rotondo
Patrick Sullivan
Benjamin Dailey
Michael DiSanto
Michael McKerry
Joseph Santiago
Anthony Tedesco

The newly promoted Sergeants are:
Wojciech Drewa
Charles Grosskopf
Omar Aly
Kashmir Cyrus
Edward Esparra
Robert Kenny
Christopher Koszyk
James Frattini
Assuntine Manocchio
Michael Rodriguez
Marissa Vlachos
Joseph Dwyer
Michael Strothers
Ryan Macaluso
Kenneth Bowes
Israel Acevedo
Valerie Carriere
Omar Navarro
Sean Mullahey
Dave Persad
Shanna Moore
Anthony G. Roman
Revina T. Weeks
Michael J. Meyers
Leslie Chavarria
Khareem M. Miller
Eric Tavarez
Peter J. Cardella
Joseph R. Torre
Hector L. Rivera
George W. Manuel
Ryan P. Friend
Kevin J. Aviles
Javier Lema
Sean P. Butler
Matthew M. Ramos
Adalberto Rivera
Joseph V. Anzivino
Kevin M. Lowry

JCPD Promotion

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